Aquaestil product assortment is consisted of more than 50 different models of ergonomically shaped baths available in several sizes and variations. Selection of optional equipment like massage systems, bath panels and mixers are available to enable you further customization of your bath, according to your needs and desires.

Our bathtubs are made from 100% casted sanitary acrylic sheets of the highest quality that make them very comfortable, less susceptible to damage as well as easier to clean and maintain in comparison with bathtubs made from other common materials.

The automated process of applying resin and fiberglass across the key points on the bottom of the acrylic shell and plywood ensures durability and strength of Aquaestil bathtubs.

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Aquaestil shower trays are made from 100% casted sanitary acrylic sheets that make them pleasant to use and easy to clean and maintain. Anti-slip properties of this material, and the fact that pathogenic particles do not remain on acrylic showers due to their nonporous surface, contribute to your health and safety.

Extensive selection of shower trays consists of several models of super flat shower trays intended for building-in the floor level, as well as classic shapes available in multiple sizes, meaning that we have just the right solution for even the most complicated bathroom configurations.

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Aquaestil shower screens for baths and shower trays are the perfect combination of quality materials, superior production processes and functionality. Wide range of models and provided additional options are a guarantee that you will find the ideal choice for your bathroom.

Our screens are made of 6 mm tempered glass that is light enough for simple manipulation, but also tough enough for the highest level of safety. Most of our models can be equipped with transparent, relief or satinated glass that will besides the needed functional, surely meet the highest aesthetic criteria. 

Shower screen profiles are made from aluminum and provide a solid structure to the screen, so Aquaestil puts special attention to their quality and design. Profiles are generally available in white or silver variant.

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Most of Aquaestil bathtubs can be fitted with one of four available massage system options that will give your bathroom a special charm.Water massage is available in 3 variants (Economic, De Luxe and De Luxe plus), and is based on strategically positioned nozzles that produce water jets, with which the effect of massage is achieved.

Water massage is very relaxing and substantially helps in both physical and mental recovery. Air massage is achieved by using air jets mounted on the bottom of the tub, and, when combined with water massage, is available as ultimate massage experience called Trioclean.

Combining air and water massage, achieves a synergistic effect that creates unsurpassed pleasure of massage and helps with a wide range of health problems. Installation of a panel is recommended for all bathtubs with fitted massage systems.

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Practice that is known as "Turkish bath" is relaxation in a steam-saturated room. It is based on the biological action of heat in the form of hot humid air.

Although the Turkish bath came to Europe from the Orient, the custom of practicing personal hygiene and spiritual cleansing is known throughout many ancient civilizations. By combining benefits of modern technology and centuries-old tradition, application of thermotherapy is available in your home.

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Each Aquaestil product is a perfect addition to your bathroom. However, if you want something more for your bathroom, wide range of mixers and other additional equipment are available as an option.

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